This course offers the students some experience in developing their own test and evaluating its statistical properties. It describes the clinical interpretation of a handful of psychological tests including projective (e.g. T.A.T.) intelligence (e.g. WAIS-R) and personality (e.g. MMPI). Main objectivesof this course are: To understand statistical characteristics of test scores, to learn fundamental assessment skills in administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests, report writing and recommendations, to have an overview of intelligence, personality, achievement and vocational tests, Gain knowledge about the basic concepts of psychological assessment; standardization, reliability and validity.


Recommended books

  1. Gregory, R. J. (2014). Psychological testing, history principles & applications. (7th ed.). Pearson education: South Asia.
  2. Cohen, R. J., &Swerdlik, M. E.(2012). Psychological Testing and Assessment: An Introduction to Tests and Measurement (8th Ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
  3. Aiken Lewis. R. Psychological Testing & Assessment (Latest Edition) Allyn& Bacon, Inc.


System of Evaluation 

Mid-term = 30

Final-term = 50

Sessional = 20 (5 class participation, 5 assignment, 10 project)

Total = 100

Course Material