The course is designed to acquaint the students of BS Programs with the rationale of the creation of Pakistan. The students would be apprised of the emergence, growth and development of Muslim nationalism in South Asia and the struggle for freedom, which eventually led to the establishment of Pakistan. While highlighting the main objectives of national life, the course explains further the socioeconomic, political and cultural aspects of Pakistan’s endeavors to develop and progress in the contemporary world. For this purpose, the foreign policy objectives and Pakistan’s foreign relations with neighboring and other countries are also included. This curriculum has been developed to help students analyze the socio-political problems of Pakistan while highlighting various phases of its history before and after the partition and to develop a vision in them to become knowledgeable citizens of their homeland. It tends to examine a range of important issues in national history and use these theoretical frameworks to provide better understanding of these events.

Recommended Texts

1. Kazimi, M. R. (2007). Pakistan studies. Karachi: Oxford University Press.

2. Sheikh, J. A. (2004). Pakistan’s political economic and diplomatic dynamics. Lahore: Kitabistan Paper Products.

3. Niazi, Alam Sher Khan, Pakistan Studies, Mutala e Pakistan (Both English and Urdu Version are available). Jilani Notes, and Pearl Publishers, Sargodha.

Suggested Readings

1. Hayat, S. (2016). Aspects of Pakistan movement. Islamabad: National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research.

2. Kazimi, M. R. (2009). A concise history of Pakistan. Karachi: Oxford University Press.

3. Talbot, I. (1998). Pakistan: A modern history. London: Hurst and Company.

Evaluation of the students will be as under

Mid Term Exam                                  30 Marks

Final Term Exam                                 50 Marks

Sessional Mark                                    20 Marks

(Note 20 Marks will be distributed as under)

Attendance                                         05 Marks

Discipline                                            05 Marks

Assignments                                       05 Marks

Class Participation                              05 Marks

Course Material