The purpose of the course is to:

1: Develop vision of historical perspective, government, politics, contemporary Pakistan, ideological background of Pakistan. 

2: Study the process of governance, national development, issues arising in the modern age and posing challenges to Pakistan.  


Recommended Books:

1. Javed, Ahmad Sheikh Pakistan’s Political, Economic and Diplomatic Dynamics, Lahore: Kitabistan Paper Product.

2. Ahmad, Jamil Uddin, Early Phase of Muslim Political Movement, United Publishers Ltd.

3. Chaudhary, G. W. Constitutional Development in Pakistan,Longman, U.K. 

4. Kazmi, Raza, Pakistan Studies, Karachi Oxford University Press.

5. Mahmood Dr. Safder, The Constitution of Pakistan 1973: Comments and Comparison, A H Publishers Lahore.

6. Qureshi, I. H., A Short History of Pakistan, University of Karachi Press.

7. Qureshi, I. H., Struggle for Pakistan, University of Karachi Press.

8. Sayeed, K. B., Pakistan Formative Phase, National Book Service

9. Ziring, Lawrance, Pakistan in Twentieth Century: A Political History, London; Oxford University Press

10. Niazi, Alam Sher Khan. Pakistan Studies (Mutala e Pakistan) (2019). Jilani Notes and, Pearl Publishers, Sargodha. (Both English and Urdu versions are available),


Evaluation of the students will be as under

Mid Term Exam                                  30 Marks

Final Term Exam                                 50 Marks

Sessional Mark                                    20 Marks

(Note 20 Marks will be distributed as under)

Attendance                                         05 Marks

Discipline                                                 05 Marks

Assignments                                       05 Marks

Class Participation                            05 Marks

Course Material