Research Methods in Food and Nutrition


This course includes the presentation and application of knowledge and skills in the process of conducting research in nutrition. It focuses on the development of critical analysis skills in the areas of study design, statistical analysis, organization and presentation of data and the presentation of the final report in the context of research. Analyze and discuss the components of the investigative process such as development of the research question, review of the published scientific literature, formulation of the objectives and/or hypothesis, selection of the proper study design including the population to be sampled, collection and analysis of data (methods for), and presentation of the final report. Use scientific literature databases to search for research studies and reports related. Compare and contrast various study designs and statistical analysis for qualitative and quantitative study designs used in nutrition research. Value the importance of ethical conduct in all areas of research, specifically in the methods and study design for studies in nutrition with human or animal subjects. Demonstrate skills of statistical analysis for qualitative and quantitative data using computerized statistical software. Apply basic skills to interpret statistical analysis from studies within the field of food and nutrition.




  1. Characteristics and types of research
  2. Methods, areas and objectives of research,
  3. Problem identification,
  4. Research ethics
  5. Standardized measurement and sampling techniques
  6. Research proposal / project
  7. Discussion of research: interpretation,
  8. Logics, evidences of imagination,
  9. Drawing conclusions and recommendations.
  10. Research thesis: reports and articles for publication.
  11. Use of computer programs: software applicable to nutritional data, SPSS, Excel.


Recommended Texts


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Suggested Readings


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Course Material