COURSE OUTLINE                                                                                        


Course Title: Unit Operations in Food Processing

Course Code: FST 201

Credit Hours: 3(3-0)



The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge on the main unit operations of food Industry. Students will be able to know the importance and role of unit operations in food processing. Students will learn about the mass and energy balance in food for the processing of variety of food products at the industrial scale. This course will also provide the information about the different preparatory unit operations required for food processing to get good quality products, minimize the food losses and meet the consumer demands. Students will also get knowledge about the various separation techniques performed at industrial level for different types of food.



Learning about different preparatory operations required for food processing at the industrial scale. Students will know the importance of preparatory unit operations in food processing Industry. This course will provide the knowledge about selection criteria for proper choice among the available different techniques.



Introduction: Materials handling. Energy and Mass balance: Heat transfer fundamentals: conduction, convection and radiation. Preparatory Operations: Receiving, Cleaning, Sorting, Grading, Peeling, Size reduction. Crystallization.  Types of mixers. Centrifugation. Homogenization. Bleaching. Deodorization. Extraction. Grinding. Mechanical separation Techniques: Screening, Filtration, c

entrifugal filtration, Filtration based on motion of particles through sedimentation. Transport of Fluids through pipes: Laminar flow and turbulent flow. Darcy’s Law: permeability, porosity



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