COURSE OUTLINE                                                                                                 FALL  2020

BS-Semester I Session 2020-2024

Class SS-B

Course Title:  History of English Literature

Course Code: ENG 103

Credit Hours: 3

Time: November 02, 2020 to February 12, 2020

Class Time: 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM , Monday-Tuesday

Instructor: Tariq Masood

Email: Proftariqmasood1


The objective of this course is to acquaint students with the movements, literary giants and development of literary genres in the history of literature & to inform how historical, religious, economic & socio-cultural events influence literature written in English. Histories of literature by some British Literary historians will be consulted to form some socio-cultural & political cross connections. In its border spectrum, the course covers a reference to the multiple factors from economic theories to religious, philosophical & metaphysical debates that shape literature. The ultimate objective of this course is to understand that literary worlds are basically a referential product of the practice that goes back to continuous interdisciplinary interaction.



  • Compton-Rickett. A,  A History of English Literature. Thomas-Nelson & Sales 1940.
  • Daiches, David, A Critical History of English Literature VOL.1-4 London: Secker & Warburg 1961.
  • Evans, Ifor. A short History of English Literature. London. Penguin 1976.
  • Ford, Boris. The New Pelican Guide to English Literature VOL.1-9 London Penguin 1976.
  • Gillie,C. Longman, Companion to English Literature 2nd edition London Longman 1977.
  • Long William English Literature: Its History & Significance for the life of English, enlarged edition 2006.
  • Sanders Andrew, The Short Oxford History of English Literature, Oxford University Press 2002.
  • The Rutledge History of Literature in English, 3rd edition by Ronald Carter and John McRae published in 2016.
  • Trevelyn G. M. English Social History
  • Abrams M.H. A Glossary of Literary Terms

However, no book can help you until and unless you self-teach.





  • Medieval English period (1000- 1453 AD)
  • Renaissance (1453 – 1616 AD)
  • Puritan Age (1616 – 1660 AD)
  • Augustan Age (1660 – 1789 AD)
  • Romantic Age (1789 – 1832 AD)
  • Victorian Age (1835 – 1900 AD) including early & later Victorian Age
  • 20th Century

Course Material