COURSE OUTLINE                                                                                                 SPRING 2020

BS VIII Ex-PPP 2016-2020

Course Tittle: American Drama

Course Code: ENG 438

Credit Hours: 3 

Time Period: From January 13, 2020 to May 8, 2020

Instructor: Tariq Masood

Email: proftariqmasood [email protected]

Aims & Objectives

This course specifically concerned with American Drama to enhance readers’ overall understanding of American drama. It contains major dramatic voices in American Literature that have played a great role in determining the distinctive American strengths in modern theatre.

Reading Material 

1- Bigsby, C.W.E. A Critical Introduction to Twentieth Century American Drama: I, 1900-1940, II Williams, Miller, Albee; III Beyond Broadway, 1982-85.  

2- Modern Critical Interpretation on each dramatist and work, edited by Harold Bloom, 1980s   editions.

3- Broussard, Louis, American Drama: Contemporary Allegory from Eugene O’Neill to

   Tennessee Williams, 1962.

4- Corrigon, Robert W. (Ed.), Arthur Miller. A Collection of Critical essays, 1969.

5- Nelson, Benjamin,  Arthur Miller, 1970

6- Critical Companion to Arthur Miller, Susan C.W. Abbotson - 2007

7- Falki,Signi, Tennessee William, New York: Twayne.1961

8-Bloom,Harold, ed., Tennessee Willims, new York, Chelsea House, 1987.

9- A Study Guide for Adrienne Kennedy’s Funny House of a Negro , Gale, Cengage Learning-  2016-Literary criticism

10- Expectation, Melancholy and Loss : Funny House of a Negro by D. Krasner- 2019- Related    Articles


  1. Arthur Miller                                 The Crucible
  2. Tennessee Williams                     A Streetcar Named Desire
  3. Adrienne Kennedy                       FunnyHouse of a Negro
  4. Eugene O’ Neill                           Mourning Becomes Electra

Research Projects

  1. Witch-hunting – l692 & 1950s
  2. Life vs. Reputation
  3. Class Conflict and Consequences
  4. Identity Problem under Racism

Assessment Criteria

Mid : 30

Sessional Marks: 20

  • Project /Assignment / Quiz:    8         
  • Presentation:                           7                     
  • Participation:                          5                     

Final exam: 50


Rules & Regulations

As prescribed by the University of Sargodha regarding attendance, behavior and class management and performance.

Course Material