COURSE OUTLINE                                                                                                 SPRING 2020

M.A English –Semester II Regular, SS-A & SS-B

Course Tittle: Drama-II

Course Code: ENG 508

Credit Hours: 3

Time: Monday-Tuesday 8:00 to 9:30, 12:30 to 2:00 pm

Wednesday to Friday 11:00 to 12:00

Instructor: Tariq Masood

Email: proftariqmasood [email protected]

Aims & Objectives

This course focuses the study of drama with special reference to Shakespeare’s art of tragic and comic drama. An effort will be made to familiarize the students to the technique and style of Shakespearean drama. Furthermore, the foundations of English drama laid down by the successors of Shakespeare are quite important to be discussed   with the student of literature. For this purpose a masterpiece of Goldsmith has also been added to the course which will enable the students to grasp the tradition of English drama.


William Shakespeare            King Lear

                                                Merchant of Venice

Oliver Goldsmith                   She Stoops to Conquer


Reading List

  • Arthur Friedman(ed.) : The Complete Works of Oliver Goldsmith
  • A. Norman Jeffares : A Critical Commentary on ‘She Stoops to Conquer’(York Notes)
  • Bradley A.C(1955): Shakespearian Tragedy . Meridian.
  • Charney (1971) How to Study Shakespeare. McGraw-Hill.
  • E. Dowden: Shakespeare, His Mind and Art
  • F.E. Halliday: Shakespeare and His Critics
  • G.H. Nettleton (ed.) British Dramatists from Dryden to Sheriden
  • Hussey (1984) The Literary Language of Shakespeare. Longman  
  • Muire (ed.) (1965) Shakespeare:  The Comedies .  Prentice-Hall
  • Righter (1962) Shkakespeare and the Idea of the Play.Chatoo and Windus
  • Wilson, J (1962) Shakespeare’s Happy Comedies  . Faber and Faber.

Research Project

  • The matter of Filial Ingratitude over the years
  • Racism from day one
  • A reserved lover, it is said, always makes a suspicious husband
  • Sentimental vs. anti-sentimental comedy

Assessment Criteria

Mid : 30

Sessionals:       20

  • Project:          8
  • Presentation: 7
  • Participation:  5

Final exam: 50

Rules & Regulations

As prescribed by the University of Sargodha regarding attendance, behavior and class management and performance.


Course Material