The effective delivery of content is possible only through the implementation of appropriate teaching methods. Teaching strategy is a generalized plan for a lesson which includes structure, instructional objectives and an outline of planned tactics, necessary to implement the strategies while teaching method is a style of presentation of content in the classroom. Hence the awareness about different teaching strategies and methods not only broadens the vision of teachers but it also makes the teaching learning process more efficient and meaningful. This course has been designed to bring out important aspects of teaching strategies and their potential role.

This course highlights the essential attributes of the teacher, the importance and types of teacher planning practice related to different teaching methods. Knowledge of Teaching Methods gives a broader perspective of teaching to prospective teachers. Teaching methods are often divided into two broad categories: teacher-centered methods (also called direct instruction) and learner-centered methods (also called indirect instruction or inquiry-based learning). An effective teacher knows several methods, some teacher-directed and others learner-directed. From among these methods, a teacher selects the one method or combination of methods most likely to achieve a particular lesson’s objectives with a particular group of students. The course focuses on the development of abilities among prospective teachers to explain the basic concepts of teaching, describe-the-importance, and types-of teacher planning, prepare lesson plans according to individual needs, apply teaching skills on identifying learning difficulties in the classroom, and select, prepare and use appropriate teaching materials. It will also focus on how to relate facts, concepts, and theories to everyday teaching learning experiences.

Learning Outcomes:

After completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Explain the basic concepts of teaching.
  • Demonstrate the essential attributes of the effective teacher.
  • Describe-the-importance and types-of teacher planning
  • Practice different teaching methods in classroom.
  • Organize classroom discussion and demonstrate its appropriate use.
  • Apply various techniques to motivate students.
  • Select appropriate audio-visual aids in classroom teaching.
  • Prepare lesson plans according to Individual Needs.
  • Apply teaching skills on identifying learning difficulties in the classroom
  • Select, prepare and use appropriate teaching materials

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General Methods of Teaching (EDUC-6401)

B.Ed (1.5) Regular 1st Semester

12:00 am to 01:30 pm

12:00 am to 01:30 pm

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Sessional Marks

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