COURSE OUTLINE                                                                                                                                         Fall 2020


Course Tittle:  Cytogenetics

Course Code:  PBG-305

Credit Hours:     3(2-1)

Instructor: Dr. Saeed Rauf

Email:   [email protected]




The course will be taught with following objectives:

  1. To integrate the knowledge of cytology and genetics for understanding of inheritance of various organelles
  2. To study chromosome being carrier of Mendalian factors
  3. To understand the chromosomal composition and packaging of complex DNA molecules in chromosome
  4. To study the genetic basis of cell division and how cell cycle is genetically controlled
  5. To study the cytological effect of chromosomal structural and numerical aberrations
  6. To develop understanding of karyotypic analysis and to learn the construction of ideogram
  7. To understand the cytological basis of various mechanisms such as crossing over and chiasma




Text Books

  1. Singh, R.J. 2003. Plant Cytogenetics. CRC Press, Baton Rudge, USA.
  2. Singh B.D. Genetics. Kalyani Publishers, New Dehli, India
  3. Ravindranath, N. H. 2002. Elements of Modern Cytology, Genetics and Evolution. Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi, India.
  4. Clark, M. S. and W. J. Wall. 1996. Chromosomes: The Complex Code. Chapman and Hall Ltd., London, UK.
  5. Jahier, J, A. M. Chevre, R. Delourme, F. Eber, and A. M. Tanguy. 1996. Techniques of Plant Cytogenetics. Science Publishers Inc, New York, USA.

Course Material