The course aims to give an introduction to the structure, composition and processes of the earth from centre to surface. The course gives a fundamental introduction to the most central aspects of geology. The course provides insight to the structure and composition of the earth, and the elements, minerals and rocks that make up our planet. Further, the course aims to give the students an understanding of earth processes and their interactions, that are at play and that have shape the earth and its landforms.

The subject of geology encompasses the inner structure and processes of the earth as well as the landforms and processes active at the earth¿s surface. The teaching provides an introduction to seismology, geomagnetism, classification of rocks and minerals, volcanic and magmatic activity, earthquakes, metamorphism, deformation and plate tectonics. Further, the teaching focuses on weathering, mass wasting, erosion, transport and deposition of sediments, formation of sedimentary rocks, as well as the shaping and break-down of different landforms.

Learning Outcomes

The student can

  • explain the structure and composition of the earth, and the fundamental geological processes that have shaped the Earth
  • explain key geological terms, definitions and theories (for example minerals, rocks, plate tectonics, orogeny)
  • define, classify and describe sediments, minerals, rocks and their formation
  • discuss how different earth processes (for example plate tectonics, erosion, sedimentation) work and interact, and how different minerals, rocks and landforms that result from various processes.
  • discuss the link between cause and effect for different different geological processes (for example the foces driving plate tectonics)

    Lab: Study of relief features with the help of models and  topographic maps. Simple geological maps and drawing of cross-sections. Use of field instruments viz, Brunton compass/clinometer.

    Books Recommended:

  • Holmes, A., (1978). Principles of Physical Geology, Nelson.
  • Park, R.G., (1983), Foundation of Structural Geology. Blackie.
  • Platt, J.I., (1990). Elementary Exercises upon Geological Maps, Thomas Murby & Co.
  • Bennison, G.M.,( 2005).An Introduction of Geological Structures and Maps , Thomas Murby & Co.

Course Material