Riemannian geometry is the branch of differential geometry that studies Riemannian manifoldssmooth manifolds with a Riemannian metric, i.e. with an inner product on the tangent space at each point that varies smoothly from point to point. This gives, in particular, local notions of anglelength of curvessurface area and volume. From those, some other global quantities can be derived by integrating local contributions.

Course Content:

Definition and examples of manifolds; Submanifolds; Tangents; Coordinate vector fields; Tangent spaces; Dual spaces; Algebra of tensors; Vector fields; Tensor fields; Integral curves; Affine connections and Christoffel symbols; Covariant differentiation of tensor fields; Geodesics equations; Curve on manifold; Parallel transport; Lie transport; Lie derivatives and Lie Brackets; Geodesic deviation; Differential forms; Introduction to integration theory on manifolds; Riemannian Curvature tensor; Ricci tensor and Ricci scalar; Killing equations and Killing vector fields.

Books Recommended:
1. Bishop, R.L. and Goldberg, S.I., 1980.. Tensor Analysis on Manifolds. 1st ed. NY:
   Dover Publications.
2. Carmo M.P., 1992. Riemannian Geometry. 1st ed. Boston:Birkhauser.
3. Lovelock, D. and Rund, H. Tensors., Differential Forms and Variational
    Principles,John-Willey, 1975.
4. Langwitz, D., Differential and Riemannian Geometry, Academic Press, 1970.
5. Abraham, R., Marsden, J.E. and Ratiu, T., Manifolds, Tensor Analysis and
   Applications, Addison-Wesley, 1983.

6. Ali Shah. N, Vector and Tensor Analysis, 1992.

Books Suggested:

1. Ali Shah. N, Vector and Tensor Analysis, 1992.

2.  Langwitz, D., Differential and Riemannian Geometry, Academic Press, 1970.

Assessment criteria

Sessional: 20 (Presentation / Assignment 10, Attendance 05, Quiz 05)

Mid-Term Exam:   30

Final-Term Exam: 50

Commencement of Classes                                                   October 12, 2020 

Mid Term Examination                                                            December 14-12, 2020

Final Term Examination                                                          Febuary 02-08, 2021

Declaration of Result                                                              Febuary 19, 2021

Key Dates and Time of Class Meeting

Monday                                                                               3:30 pm-05:00 pm

Teusday                                                                               12:30 pm- 2:00 pm

Course Material