Instructor:  MUHAMMAD RIZWAN  

Email:      [email protected]

Semester:      Spring 2020

Class  :   BS LIS  2nd (Regular)

      Credit Hours:  03

Introduction to Course:

This introductory course aims at developing linguistic competence by focusing on basic language skills in integration to make the use of language in context.

Learning Outcomes

The Course aims at developing grammatical comptence of the learners to use grammatical structures in context in order to make the experience of learning English more meaningful.

The objectives of the course are to:

  •  Reinforce the basics of grammar 
  • Understand the basics meaningful units of language 
  • Introduce the functional aspect of grammatical categories
  • Comprehend language use
  •  To enable the students to write structured response(s).
  • linguistic skills.

Course Outline : 

  1. Introduction to communication
  2. Listening - Processes, Functions and Competency
  3. Managing listening
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Effective Presentation Skills
  6. Reducing Stage fright
  7. Reading Comprehension Skills
  8. Pronouncistion Skills

Textbooks to be used for the Course:

  •  Hancock, M. (2012). English pronunciation in use intermediate with answers. Cambridge University Press.

  • Mandel, S. (2000). Effective presentation skills: A practical guide for better speaking. Crisp Pub

  • Mikulecky, B. S., & Jeffries, L. (2007). Advanced reading power. Allyn & Bacon.

  •  Siddons, S. (2008). The complete presentation skills handbook: How to understand and reach your audience for maximum impact and success. Kogan Page Publishers

  •  Worthington, D. L., & Fitch-Hauser, M. E. (2018). Listening: Processes, functions, and competency. Routledge.

  •  Yule, G. (2016). The study of language. Cambridge University Press.

Evaluation/Assessment Criteria:

Sessional: 20

  •  Project: 05
  •  Presentation: 05
  •  Participation: 05
  •  Attendance: 05
  • Midterm exam: 30
  • Final exam: 50

Class Timings :

Tuesday.   09:00 to 10:30 AM
Thursday   11:00 to 12:30 PM




Course Material