Course Code: CT-224    

Credit hour (Th): 02

Course Objectives:

  1. To know about the failure of building structures and their measures.
  2. To understand the rules and regulations of maintenance. 

Course Outlines: 

Material Testing: 

Destructive and Non-destructive test, Mechanical properties, Method of testing of Fatigue test, impact and hardness test, tensile test and mild steel specimen.  

Repair and Maintenance of Civil Works:  

1. Introduction to different types of failures in building structures and their causes.

2. Assessment of  damage  by  different  methods  including  nondestructive methods.

3. Introduction to Rules and Regulations of Maintenance.

4. Repair and Maintenance Measures. 

Books Recommended

1. Building Construction by S.K.Sharma

2. Different Practicing Codes used in different department of Civil Works like (P & D, PWD etc).  

Evaluation Criteria:

1. Mid Exam                                                        30 Marks

2. Sessional (Quiz, Assignment, Attendance)     20 Marks

3. Final Exam                                                      50 Marks


Course Material