Course Code:                         CT-123

Credit Hour (Theory):             02



  1. To develop an understanding of surveying & leveling theory and practice. 
  2. To develop an ability to translate survey information for design and construction purposes. 
  3. To develop a skill in the use of survey instruments. 

Course Description  

The course provides an overview of surveying & leveling practice and demonstrates an understanding of area control by different survey instruments.  It includes the methods of establishing the contours of an area by field exercise and in setting out and controlling complex construction works. 

Course Outlines: 

  1. Survey Instruments:  Study and use of conventional surveying instruments and EDM devices.
  2. Triangulation and Traversing: Selection of station base line measurement, computations, adjustment, plotting and detailing of triangulation. Introduction and use of Total station. Introduction to GPS.
  3. Leveling:  Introduction to leveling, precise leveling, profile leveling. Errors and correction in leveling, plotting long sections and cross-sections, Trignometerical leveling and contouring.  
  4. Techeometry: System of techeometry, applications of techeometer in surveying, computation of horizontal and vertical measurements.
  5. Setting Out Works: Setting out curves (horizontal and vertical), demarcation for buildings, bridges, sewer lines, route lines and tunnels.
  6. Hydrographic Surveying: Introduction to hydrographic surveying and instruments, sounding methods.
  7. Astronomy: Introduction to true north, latitude, longitude and time.

Books Recommended: 

  1. Surveying by Jack C. McCormac, (Latest Edition).
  2. Surveying: With Construction Applications by Barry F. Kavanagh, Prentice Hall. (Latest Edition).
  3. Surveying and Leveling by T.P.kanetker

Evaluation Criteria:

1. Mid Exam                                                        30 Marks

2. Sessional (Quiz, Assignment, Attendance)     20 Marks

3. Final Exam                                                       50 Marks


Course Material