The course is designed for senior undergraduates more inclined towards quantitative studies. The objective is to enable the students dive deep into complex problems of the real world economic life. They have to understand data problems, to have good grasp over advanced estimation techniques and to have the capability of inferring results accurately. The students have to learn certain computer packages like SPSS, E-views and Strata besides Excel. The students are required to devote at least one hour per week to computer laboratory. They have to develop the capacity to read and understand research papers to understand estimation techniques and their interpretations.

The Expected Learning Outcomes are

  • knowledge on the fundamentals of econometrics and its application
  • knowledge and proficiency on the use of E-Views for econometric  analysis
  • practice in conducting data analysis and application of econometric tools in research

Important Readings     

  • Asterio, Domonick: Applied Econometrics- Revised Edition 2007, Palgrave Macmillan
  • Gujrati, D.N. - Basic Econometrics – 4th Edition (2003)- McGraw Hill Company.
  • Koutsoyiannis, A.- Theory of Econometrics - 2nd Edition (1977) - McMillan

    Assessment Criterion

    Mid Term           : 30 marks

    Sessional         : 20 marks

    Project              : 05 marks

    Presentation     : 05marks

    Attendance        :05

    Genaral Behavior:05

    Final Exam: 50 marks


Course Material