Course Outline

Course Outline

Unit 01: Introduction to Comparative Education

1.1. Concept of comparative Education, meaning, need, and scope

1.2. Purpose of comparative Education

1.3. Comparative education as an educational science

Unit 02: The history of Comparative Education

Unit 03: Methods of Comparative Education

3.1. Principles behind analyses of educational systems in different countries

Unit 04: Elements of Comparative Education (Both qualitative and quantitative dimensions)

4.1. Objectives

4.2. Curricula

4.3. Teaching Methodology

4.4. Assessment and evaluation (student achievement, examination system)

4.5. Facilities

4.6. Educational structure

4.7. Administrative and financial set up

4.8. Teacher education

Unit 05: Comparative View of Systems of Education in Pakistan

5.1. Private and Public

5.2. Madrassah and formal education

5.3. Formal vs. distance and non-formal education

Unit 06: Comparative Education in Developed Countries

6.1. The U.S.A.

6.2. The U.K.

6.3. Japan

6.4. Singapore

Unit 07: Comparative Education in Developing Countries

7.1. India

7.2. China

7.3. Malaysia

7.4. Pakistan

Unit 08: Comparative Education in Under developing Countries

Unit 09: Global Issues in Comparative Perspective (focusing on developing countries)

9.1. Quality Education

9.2. Education For All

9.3. Recruitment of teachers at elementary and secondary levels

9.4. Admission procedure at the higher education level

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2. Watson, K. (2018). Key Issues in Education: Comparative perspectives. London: Routledge.


Suggested Readings

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