Course Objective and Learning outcome

                    ` Introduction to English Literature     

Course objective and Learning outcome.                              


The course is designed to provide the familiarity and comprehension of English literary pieces. The students may not be familiar or well-versed in the various genres of literature prior to taking this course.  The course provides training and skills necessary to engage, understand, critically analyze, and enjoy the literary genres of literature: short story, poetry, novel and drama. The students will explore the basic concepts of literary technique, narrative, poetic, and dramatic structures and innovations to engage with the more advanced cognitive aspects of literature. In addition to these theoretical skills, students will also read below the surface of the texts for their historical, ethical, psychological, social, and philosophical value by developing insights in how literature gives us a window into both the experiences of others and wider appreciation for the human condition. The course explores literary production in English against local context in particular, by emphasizing shifts in thought as well as genre innovation, i.e. medieval to modern. It provides an introduction to key texts, authors and literary periods, exploring the relationship of texts to their contexts and considering multiple perspectives in the different literary genres.