Zoology: An Evolutionary Perspective

Place of zoology in science, the Fundamental unit of life:

  1.    Zoology: An Evolutionary Perspective

    • Zoology is the study of animals. It is a broad field that requires ­zoologists to specialize in one or more subdisciplines.

      Animals share a common evolutionary past and evolutionary forces that influenced their history.

      Evolution explains how the diversity of animals arose.

      Evolutionary relationships are the basis for the classification of animals into a hierarchical system. This classification system uses a two-part name for every kind of animal. Higher levels of classification denote more distant evolutionary relationships.

    • 2  Zoology: An Ecological Perspective

      • Animals share common environments, and ecological principles help us to understand how animals interact within those environments.

        Human overpopulation is at the root of virtually all other environmental problems. It stresses world resources and results in pollution, climate change, deforestation, and the extinction of many plant and animal species.