Introduction to Minor Acts


1.Course Contents.

The Court Fees Act (III), 1870 Sections 4,6-13, 17-19 A-K (Excluding Schedule)

The Stamp Act, 1899

Suits Valuation Act, 1887

2.Object of these fiscal enactments

3.Introduction to Preambles

4.Intrduction to Court Fee Act 

5.An overview of historial background and application of Court Fee Act in Pakistan

6.Conclusion and QA session

Introduction to Minor Acts

The minor acts course comprises of three statutes including, Court Feee Act, Suit Valuation Act and Stamp ACT.The Court Fees Act is a fiscal enactment whereby state revenue is collected. It mainly prescribes the mode of valuing certain suits.Moreover, it describes effect of failure to pay court fee and dismissal of suits on these grounds.Suit Valuation Act deals with the valuatin of suit for determining the jurisdiction of courts.Whereas, Stamp Act deals with the chargability of instrumens and legal status of instruments not dully stamped.

Court Fee Act being fiscal statue not only prescribes the court fee but also  provides mode of valuing certain suits for payment of Court fee.There are two kinds of Court fee under Court fee Act , Ad valorem and fixed.