Language Comprehension and Presentation Skills


Aims and Objectives

English Language is vital part of our curriculum as a source of learning. Language comprehension is regarded as the  foremost slant of day-to-day functioning. Comprehension skills are important to language fluency and crucial for basic survival in the educational and other systems of life. Therefore, the ultimate goal  of plotting this course is to foster learner's accuracy of using language in terms of listening, speaking, reading, writing and presenting. Moreover, the course also aims at developing linguistic competence by focusing on basic language skills in integration to make the use of language in context. 

Description of course and it's outcomes 

This course has been designed to cater the needs of language comprehension in the students and to develop spoken capabilities in the students for presentation skills. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with both written and spoken skills.

At the end of the course the students will be able:

To sensitize their communicative behavior.

To enable themselves to reflect and improve their communicative behavior/performance

To build capacities for self-criticism and facilitate growth

To lead towards effective performances in communication

Prerequisites:  Language Compatability



Tutor: Abdur Rauf Awan

Program: BS 2nd economics

Semester II ( Regular ) 

Spring 2021

Credit Hours: 03

Class Days: Regular. 

Monday +Tuesday

Class Timings: 8.00 to 9.30 am


Assesment Criteria 

Mid Term : 30 Marks

Assignment/Project : 10 Marks

Partcipation : 5 Marks

Presentation : 5 Marks

Final Term:       25 Marks 

Viva:                   25 marks





Course Material

01Listening Skills

02Listening Comprehension in Detail

03Managing Listening

04Pronouncing and Recognizing Phonemes

05Pronouncing and Recognizing Syllables

06Listening to Isolated Sentences and Small Speech Extracts

07Student's Opinions (General Discussion)

08Understanding and Practicing Syllables & Stress Patterns

09Practicing Intonation Patterns

10Student's Opinions (General Discussion)

11Reading: Its Introduction, types and techniques

12Reading Strategies, Critical Reading (SQ3R)

13Relating Background Know;edge and Investigating implied ideas in a text

14Important Facts and Supporting Details, Comprehension and Practice

15Introduction to Presentation Skills, Features and its types

16Presentation Tactics, Concluding a Presentation, Dealing With the Questions of AudienceDiscussion With Students

  • Total Lessons16
  • Department: Economics

Course Material