Introduction: Introduce students with Web Systems and Technologies.  The objective of this course is to discuss how the Web systems are programmed and maintained and how online pages are created and delivered by Web servers and used by clients.

Course Code: CS-3548

Credit Hours: 03

Prerequisites: Nil

Learning outcome:

1. Understand the enabling technologies for building Internet and Web database applications.

2. Understand the different components for developing client/server applications.

3. Apply the techniques and features of the client/server development languages to construct a database application based on Internet.

4. Develop the web database applications through programming exercises.

Course Content:

  1. Overview of WWW, Web Pages, Web Sites, Web Applications, TCP/IP, TCP/IP Application
  2. Services, Web Servers, WAMP, LAMP,WAMP Configuration.
  3. Introduction to HTTP, HTML & HTML5 Tags, and Dynamic Web Content.
  4. CSS and CSS3 
  5. Client Side Programming: Programing in JavaScript: Basics, Expressions and Control Flow
  6. Javascript Functions, Objects, and Arrays, Accessing CSS from JavaScript 
  7. Form Handling 
  8. Server Side Programing: Programing in PHP,
  9. PHP functions and objects, PHP arrays
  10. Introduction MySQL, MySQL Functions, Normalization, Relationships
  11. Accessing MySQL via PHP 
  12. Cookies, Sessions, and Authentication 
  13. Introduction to Ajax
  14. Introduction to JQuery
  15. Browsers and the DOM 


  1. Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS, A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites By Robin Nixon, O'Reilly Media; Second Edition edition (September 3, 2012). ISBN-10: 1449319262
  2. Web Technologies: A Computer Science Perspective by Jeffrey C. Jackson, Prentice Hall; 1st Edition (August 27, 2006). ISBN-10: 0131856030
  3. Web Technologies by Uttam Kumar Roy, Oxford University Press, USA (June 13, 2011). ISBN-10: 0198066228
  4. Web Application Architecture: Principles, protocols and practices by Leon Shklar and  Richard Rosen, Wiley; 2nd Edition (May 5, 2009). ISBN-10: 047051860X

    Assesment Criteria:  

    Sessional: 20

                      Assignment 1 04 marks

                      Assignment 2 04 marks

                      Quiz 1 04 marks

                      Quiz 2 04 marks

                      Attendance  04 marks

    Mid Term: 30

    Final exam: 50

    Class Timing : 

    BSSE 5th Regular

     Wednesday 11:00am - 12:30pm

     Thursday  12:30am - 2:00 pm

     BSIT 5th Regular

     Monday  9:30 AM - 11 00 AM

     Friday 10:40 AM - 12:00 PM

     BSIT 5th Self

    Tuesday 11: 00 am - 12:30 pm

    Friday  9: 20 am - 10:40 pm

    Summer 2020

      Saturday : 11:00 AM -2:00pm

      Sunday : 11:00 AM -2:00pm




Course Material