Aims & Objectives:

The aim of this course is to groom the students linguistically in such a manner that they can operate independently on a reliable measure of communicative competence in the twin productive skills of speech and writing. This course also aims to train students in acquiring all the study skills required to cope efficiently not only with the students’ challenges of the English language but also with the demands of other subjects written in the English language which need to be dealt with at optimal level of efficiency.


Course Contents

General Study Skills

Getting organized and knowing one’s target

Dictionary skills

Using the library

Remembering and learning

Techniques for reading

Critical thinking

Tackling a book


Specific Writing Skills

Note-taking from lectures and books


Outlining and summarizing

Paragraph writing and essay writing

CV writing and job application writing

Dealing with examination


Specific Oral Skills

Discussion in tutorials

Effective classroom interaction

Giving a presentation

Taking part in seminars


Suggested Readings

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O'Brien, T., & Jordan, R. R. (1985). Developing reference skills. London: Collins ELT.
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Course Material