The aim of this course is to 

Objectives / Learning Outcomes



Sessional:  20 Marks

Class Attendance, Presentations, Class Participation / Discussions, Quizzes, etc.

Mid Term: 30 Marks 

Final exam: 50 Marks


  1. 70% class attendance is necessary to enter in exams.
  2. Students are strictly prohibited to have class within class (inter personal talks, whispering etc.)
  3. When necessary, students can leave class silently without disturbing others.
  4. Students are highly encouraged to participate in class discussions, but, whenever practicing it, they would have to raise their hands and talk at their turn.
  5. Students can interrupt / intervene during the lecture any time for their questions, clarification of any ambiguity or rectification / correction of teacher, but following the principles of hand raising and waiting for the permission from the teacher.
  6. Students are prohibited to stand up on the entry of teacher in the class.
  7. Students have right to contact teacher for any assistance in their studies either through email or personal meeting during prescribed consulting office hours.
  8. Students are not allowed to use cell phones in class.