Course Code:CT-214

Credit Hours: 3 + 1

Teacher:                                  Engr. Syed Nasir Abbas
                                                Department of Civil Engineering 

                                              Phone/email: [email protected]

i)  To  develop  an  understanding  of  analysis  of  the  magnitudes  and distribution  of  internal  forces  in  the  body  by  the  concept  of  free  body diagram under external loads.

ii)  To calculate the shearing force  and  bending  moment  in  simply supported and cantilever beams.

iii)  Understanding of equilibrium conditions.

Course Outlines:


Simple Stress & Strain:

Kind  of  stresses  and  strain,  Hook’s  law,  Modulus  of  elasticity,  Lateral  &  Volumetric  strain,  Poison’s  ratio,  Load  extension  diagrams  for  different  materials, Temperature stresses and compound bars.

Principle Stress & Strain:

Construction of Mohr’s circle for stress & strain.

Bending Theory:

Theory of simple bending, position of neutral axis, moment of resistance and section  modulus,  Bending  and  shearing  stress  distribution  in  beams; Relationship between load, shear force and bending moment.


Slope and Deflection of Beams:

Relation between slope deflection and radius of curvature.  Slope and deflection of a beam using Integration method.

Strain Energy:

Strain energy due to direct loads, shear force, bending moment and torque. Stresses due to impact load

Transfer of Torque in Structural Member:

Theory of  torsion  in  circular  shafts.  Derivation  of  torsion  equation  and  its  application  to  solid  and  hollow  circular  cross-section.  Sources of  torsion  in  structures.

Columns and Struts:

Behaviour  of  short  and  long  columns.  Euler‟s  theory  of  buckling  of  long  columns and other empirical formulae. 

Recommended Books

1- Mechanics of Materials 2, Third Edition : The Mechanics of Elastic and Plastic Deformation of Solids and Structural Materials

by E J Hearn

2- Strength of Materials 4th Edition by Singer and Andrew Petal


Course Material