Course Code:CT-121

Credit Hours: 3 + 1

Teacher:                                  Engr. Syed Nasir Abbas
                                                Department of Civil Engineering 

                                              Phone/email: [email protected]

Course Outlines:

Introduction to Statics:Mechanics: Basic concepts, Scalar and vector, Vector addition, subtraction and product, concept and unit of measurements of mass, force, time, space

Force System:Force: Introduction,Two-dimensional force system,Rectangular components, Law of triangle,parallelogram,moment,couple,resultants,solution of problems

Equilibrium: Equilibrium  in two dimensions, Equilibrium conditions, Free body diagram, solution of problems

Beams:Definition, Types of beams, Bending moment and shearing force in simply supported beams and cantilevers, Solution of problems

Geometrical Properties of Plane Area:Introduction ,Center of gravity and centroid, Moment of inertia for an area,Parallel-Axis theorem for an area,Radius of gyration of an area, Solution of problems

Kinematics of Rectilinear and Curvilinear Motion: Introduction, Displacement, Types of motion,Speed,velocity, acceleration, Equation of motion under uniform acceleration,Normal and tangent acceleration, Solution of problems.

Friction:Introduction,Types of friction,Laws of solid friction, Co-efficient of friction, Solution of problems.

Work and Energy:Work, Energy, Power, Impulse, Momentum, Simple harmonic motion and free vibration.Introduction to simple trusses and cables,Solution of problems

Recommended Books

1. Hibbler, R.C. Engineering Mechanics, Prentice Hall. (Latest Edition)

2. F.L. Singer, Engineering Mechanics, 4th Ed, Harper and Row Publisher, 1987.

3. Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russel Johnston Jr. “Vector Mechanics for Engineers”, (Latest Edition)

4. Engineering Mechanics by J. L Mariam (5th/6th Edition)

Class Day:   

Monday   10:30 am to 1:00 pm (Section B)    &    1:00 pm to 3:30 pm   (Section A)

Course Material