Introduction to Course:

This introductory course aims at developing linguistic competence by focusing on basic language skills in integration to make the use of language in context.

Learning Outcomes

The Course aims at developing grammatical comptence of the learners to use grammatical structures in context in order to make the experience of learning English more meaningful.

The objectives of the course are to:

  •  Reinforce the basics of grammar 
  • Understand the basics meaningful units of language 
  • Introduce the functional aspect of grammatical categories
  • Comprehend language use
  •  To enable the students to write structured response(s).
  • linguistic skills.

Course Outline : 

  • Listening Skills​​​
  • Isolated sentences and speech Extracts
  • Managing listening and overcoming the barrier of listening.
  • Pronunciation skills
  • Recongnizing Phonemes
  • Phonemic Symbols and Syllables.
  • Intonnation and pronuncing correctly.
  • Sress and Unstressed Syllables.
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Reading Strategies
  • Summarizing, Sequencing, Infering, comparing contrasting
  • Conclusion, self question, awareness, Background knowledge.
  • Fact, Opinion, Main idea and supporting detail.
  • Organziational Patterns
  • Critical Reading
  • SQ3R
  • Presentation Skills
  • Features
  • Types
  • Patterns of introducing
  • Arguments organziation
  • Audience interest and Questioning.


Recommended Texts:

  • Advanced Reading Power by Mikulecky,B.S and Jeffries, L.