The main objective is to provide students the confidence to use written communication in their work and personal experience beyond university. The course aims to acquaint students with the concept of a writer-reader relationship and identify the need for active participation from both writer and reader, Further, to provide students the skills needed to successfully communicate in a modern world through written materials is the objective.


Class: BSCS-III                     

Semester: Fall 2020

Credit Hours: 03


Assessment method: Mid Term 30%

                                 Sessionals 20% (Assignments + Presentations + Attendance)

                                 Finals 50%

Prerequisites: None



If students effectively complete readings, practice exercises, and assignments, they will:

  • learn to identify and select many types of writing frequently required in a variety of careers,
  • practice audience analysis and develop effective communication strategies for a variety of audiences,
  • determine their purposes/objectives and develop skill in composing and revising on the computer documents with formats and language appropriate for those purposes,
  • demonstrate in their writing the effective communication principles encouraged by professional writers,
  • achieve a greater awareness of the importance of selecting and integrating graphics with written communication,
  • improve their ability to differentiate among and to use facts, inferences and judgments.


Lecture Time (According to  Timetable):

                          Monday: 9:30-10:50 am

                          Tuesday: 9:30-10:50 am

Course Material