Intoduction to Course:

The course is designed for the beginners with either no formal background or very little acquaintance with economics. The objective is to give the students with a clear understanding of the basic concepts, tools of analysis and terminologies used in microeconomics. Emphasis will be on the use of graphs, diagrams and numerical tables/schedules for exposition

Course pre requisites (if any):


Learning outcomes:

On the successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Relate the basic economic theory and principles to current microeconomic issues and evaluate related public policy

2. Use economic models to analyse a situation in terms of economics

3. Describe the various types of markets and compare their efficiency


  1. Mankiw, G. - Principles of Economics – Latest Edition, South-West Publishers.
  2. Samuelson and Nordrons - Economics –Latest Edition- McGraw Hill.


Description of system of Evaluation (Exam, assignments etc.):

Mid Term: 30 marks

Sessional: 20 marks

  • Project: 40%
  • Presentation: 30%
  • Participation: 30%

Final Exam: 50 marks


Class Timmings:

Course Material