WEEK 1  TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Introduction:-Computer Components:Processors, Memory,Input/output  
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Microprocessor Architecture:Components: Metrics like Clock
Speed, Memory Sizes, etc 
WEEK 2 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Microprocessor Bus Structure, Data and Control,Operations of the Computer HW
Operands of the Computer HW
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Data and Instruction Types, Registers and Flags.
WEEK 3 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Types of registers in Assembly language 
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE  Addressing Modes, Addressing modes mov instruction interrupt and ASCII 
WEEK 4 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Introduction to languages and  Assembly Language 
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Program structure, syntax and program to print single character in assembly 
WEEK 5 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Install DosBox MASM LINK & Run Assembly Program in dosbox (Lab work)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Basic program, Print name with characters in assembly language ( Lab work)
WEEK 6 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Variables, data types, offset and LEA in assembly language
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Loop, Label, Inc and Program 
WEEK 7 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE 80x86 families; program layout,Assembly program to print two strings on two different lines, Linefeed, Carriage return
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Data Definitions,Flag Register Carry parity Auxiliary zero sign trap interrupt direction and overflow flag
WEEK 8 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Basic Instructions, jump, unconditional jump, conditional jump and compare cmp, jmp 
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Unsigned Arithmetic,signed and unsigned numbers, convert unsigned to signed numbers
WEEK 9 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE ,Multiplication, multiplication for unsigned numbers / positive numbers
 Logic and Bit Operations
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Modules; Separate Assembly;procedure in assembly language
WEEK 10 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Argument Passing, Capital letter to small in assembly, uppercase to lowercase
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Libraries; Combining Assembly and C Code,print an array using loop 
WEEK 11 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Arrays, dup and source index register ,String Instructions
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Macros; Structures, macro, example program for macro, macro vs procedure  
WEEK 12 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Floating Point Instructions,stack, push, pop and example program of push and pop
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Bit MS-DOS,program to swap two numbers
WEEK 13 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE BIOS Disk Accessing,program to reverse a string 
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE BIOS Keyboard/Video/Graphics,nested loop, program to print pyramid.
WEEK 14 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Introduction to graphics, int 10h , ah functions routines
(Graphic programming  in assembly Lab Work)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Interrupts; TSR ProgramsAccessing I/O Ports;8253 Timer