WEEK 1  TOPIC 1ST LECTURE What is theroy of Automata, Why we study it?
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Language:-Alphabets, String,Word, Language, Empty String and  Length of String (Practice Problems)
WEEK 2 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Reverse of String, Power of Alphabets, Power of String Kleene Star/ Closure/Operator Vs Kleene Positive/Closure (Practice Problems)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Formal Languages, Informal languages  and their Comparioson,  Descriptive Definition and Palindrome language. (Practice Problems)
WEEK 3 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Recursive Definition, poitive Even Numbers, Intergers and Palindrome. What is Regular Expression(RE)? How to make RE(Power , Concatenation and Union)? (Practice Problems)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Regular Expression ,Regular languages,Algebraic laws for RE, Regular Expression with substrings  and RE for EVEN- EVEN
WEEK 4 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE What is Finite Automata(FA/FAM) Why called FA and its types.finite automata to regular expression Examples 
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Deterministic Finite Automata(DFA), Properties of DFA, Languages of DFA. How to draw DFA (Practice Problems)?
WEEK 5 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE DFA and RE for EVEN-EVEN Language DFA more Example and their solutions (Practice Problems)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Non-Deterministic Finite Automata(NDFA)  (Practice Problems)
WEEK 6 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Notation for NFA,NDFA ExampleWhat is it? DFA VS NFA, Examples
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Non deterministic Finite Automata with Epsilon/Null Transition(Practice Problems)
WEEK 7 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE NFA to DFA conversion Full Explained with example, NDFA to DFA Conversion (Practice Problems)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Regular & Non Regular language & Minimization DFA(Practice Problems)
WEEK 8 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Grammar:-Context Free Grammar(CFG)
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Context Free language(CFL)
WEEK 9 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Parse,Trees Applications of Context-Free Grammar.
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Ambiguity in grammars and Languages
WEEK 10 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Pushdown Automata: Definition of the Pushdown Automaton, the Language of
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Equivalence of PDAs and CFGs, Deterministic Pushdown Automata
WEEK 11 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Properties of Context-Free Languages
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Normal Forms for Context-Free Grammar
WEEK 12 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE The Pumping Lemma for Context-Free Languages
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE  Closure properties of Context-Free
Languages, Decision Properties of CFLs
WEEK 13 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Introduction to Turing Machines: Problems That Computers Cannot Solve, The Turing
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE  Programming Techniques for Turing Machines, Extension to the basic
Turing Machine, Restricted Turing Machines, Turing Machines and Computers
WEEK 14 TOPIC 1ST LECTURE Un-decidability:A Language That Is Not Recursively Enumerable, Un-decideable problems
TOPIC 2ND LECTURE Intractable Problems: The classes P and NP and NP-Complete Problems