BIOT-7113     Molecular Biology                                                                                 3(3+0)

This course provides comprehensive introduction on Molecular Biology of RNA (types, structure, synthesis, transcription), Post-transcriptional modifications (RNA processing, editing, export etc.), Regulation of gene expression (transcription factors, gene activation silencing etc.). More specifically, this course introduces Applications of molecular biology in agriculture, medicine and physiology, student presentation of latest research articles on selected topics.

Recommended Books

1.Advances in Molecular Biology Rajender Singh ALP Books, 2009

2.  Molecular Cell Biology Lodish, Harvey; Berk, Arnold; Zipursky, S. Lawrence; Matsudaira, Paul; Baltimore,  David; Darnell, James E.  New York: W. H. Freeman & Co.; c2007

Learning outcome:

At the end of this course, students should know:

1.The chemistry and biology of macromolecules.

2. How to regulation protein synthesis take place.

Assesment Criteria:

Sessional: 20

Mid: 30

Final: 50

Course Material