Couurse Code: BIOT-405                                                                                                                                 Credit Hour: 03(3+0)


Introduction to health biotechnology; social acceptance of medical biotechnology; molecular basis of disease; molecular and genetic markers; detection of mutations and infectious agents; active and passive immunization; vaccines (live, killed, recombinant DNA vaccines, subunit vaccines, DNA vaccines, edible vaccines); organ transplantation; applications of transgenic animals (animal models of diseases, farming and enhancement of farm animals); drug delivery systems; blood transfusion and grafting techniques; pharmacogenetics; gene therapy; biopharmaceuticals from plants; stem cell technology.


1.   Pongracz, J. and Keen, M. 2009. Medical Biotechnology.1st Edition.Elsevier Health Sciences.

2.. Khan, F. A. 2014. Biotechnology in Medical Sciences. Taylor and Francis.

Learning outcomes:

To acquaint students with biotechnology in including diagnostic tools,

 2. immunization and therapeutics

Assesment Criteria:

          Sessional: 20% ( Attendance, presentation, Quizz)

           Mid term:  30%

          Final term : 50%

Course Material