Course Code: MATH-303

Differential Geometry

Credit Hours: 3+0

Objectives of the course:

The course provides a foundation to solve partial differential equations with special

emphasis on wave, heat and laplace equations. Formulation and some theory of these

equations are also intended.

Course Contents:

Space Curves: Arc length, Tangent, Normal and Binormal, Curvature and Torsion of

a Curve, Tangent Surface, Spherical Indicatrix, Involutes and Evolutes, Envelopes,

Existence Theorem for a Space Curve, Helices, Curves on Surfaces, Surfaces of

Revolution, Helicoids, Families of Curves, Developable associated with Space

Curves, Developable associated with Curves on Surfaces, The First and Second

Fundamental form, Principle Curvatures, Lines of Curvature, Geodesics.

Recommended Books:

1- Millman R.S. and Parker G.D.,1997. Elements of Differential Geometry. 2nd ed.

 NJ:Prentice Hall.

2- Wilmore T.J.,1959. An Introduction to Differential Geometry. 1st ed. Oxford

 Calarendo Press.

3- Weatherburn C.E., 1961. Differential Geometry. 1st ed. Cambridge University


4- Pressley A., 2001. Elementary Differential Geometry, 1st ed. Springer Verlag.

5- Somasundaran D., 2005. Differential Geometry. 1st ed. New Delhi: Narosa




Mid exam:       30

Sessional:        20

Project:            --

Assignments:   10

Presentation:   10

Final exam:      50

Total:               100


75% attendance is compulsory to appear in Final Term exam.


Course Material