Teaching Practice

Student teachers will be able to:

  • Reflect on and learn from teaching practice.

  • Collaborate with peers, cooperating teacher and college/ supervisor, establishing professional relationships.

  • Invite, accept, and utilize feedback from the supervising teacher, peers, and the college/university supervisor in a non-defensive manner.

  • Produce and implement plans for teaching and learning which reflect the use of appropriate instructional methods and strategies to meet the needs of all students within the context of the practicum classroom.

  • Utilize appropriate instruments or techniques for assessing student learning and learning needs.

  • Recognize cognitive and affective needs of students and establish learning environments and use activities appropriate to meeting those needs.


Teaching Practice: Formate and Assessment 
Teaching Practice 6 Cr Hours
Teaching practice I
Teaching Practice II
Twelve Weeks
Marks 100
Marks 100
Total Marks
Two final Lessons
One for teaching practice-I and one for teaching

Break up of marks for one lesson is as under:
Sr. No Component Marks
1 Attendance * 10
2 Draft final lesson plan 05
3 Development of assessment tools and AV-aids 10
4 40 Lesson Plans 35
5 Final Lesson 40
Total 100
* Break up of Marks of Attendance

95% or above
80 – 84%

Below 80% attendance does not qualify

Course Material