Aims & Objectives:

This course introduces various forms & styles of genre of poetry, originally in English or translated. Irrespective of any chronological or historical development or the hierarchy of major & minor or continental & local or classical & popular, the main purpose of these readings is to highlight the variety of poetry worldwide & their possible connections if any. The readers will find here a combination of elegy, ode, lyric, ballad, free verse and many other types. In a way the variety of the poetic expression informs about the sub-generic elements regarding long, light, shaped, free or other possible forms of verse. For some background help the teachers may introduce more kinds of poetic expressions and also consult any reference book detailing the fundamentals of poetry. As far as the aim of introducing one-act play is concerned, it is to familiarize the readers the readers with fundamentals of drama i-e character, plot , setting, dialogue through one-act play, It would prepare them for a mature understanding of drama as a popular genre in literature.

Course Contents

a. Sonnet                Milton On his Blindness                                 

Shakespeare Let me not to the Marriage

b. Songs Christina Rossetti When I am Dead my Dearest             

John Donne Go & Catch a Falling Star

c. Dramatic Monologue / Soliloquy         

Robert Browning My Last Duchess 

William Shakespeare To be or not to be (Hamlet)

d. Elegy

Thomas Gray An Elegy written in the Country Churchyard

Dylan Thomas A Refusal to mourn the Death by Fire of a Child in London

e. Ballad                                         

John Keats La Belle Dame Sans Merci

 W.H. Auden What is that Sound

  f. Ode

Percy .B. ShelleyOde to the West Wind                                   

   John Keats Ode to Autumn

g. Free Verse Ezra Pound Four Poems of Departure


Amy Goldman Koss                  Smoke Screen

Anton Chekov                              The Bear

Lady Gregory                              The Rising of the Moon

Recommended Readings

Abbs, P. & Richardson, J. The Forms of Poetry Cambridge

Chakraborty, Bhaktibenode. Anton Chekov. The Crusader for a better World, Harper& Collins, 1996


Assessment criteria

  1. Mid Term      30 marks
  2. Sessional        20 marks: Assignment/ Presentation
  3. Final Term     50 marks

Time and Days:

2:pm to 3:30 pm (Monday,Tuesday)




Course Material