This course is an overview of the discipline of sociology and introduces students to the complex and dynamic social world in which we live. Students will engage in critical thinking about social and cultural issues and gain exposure to different types of sociological research. Additionally, students will learn the sociological perspective and gain the ability to distinguish between facts, values, and opinions.  Specifically the basic objectives of the course are:

1) To overview the core concepts of sociology and provide an introduction to the diverse subject matter of sociology.

2) To encourage students to apply sociological concepts to everyday life to better understand how larger society affects individual behavior and choices.

3) To introduce students to the wealth of questions posed and researched by sociologists, and to encourage students to think critically about the subject matter of the course and develop their own questions about social life.


1              Introduction to Sociological Theory and Perspectives

  1. What Is Sociology?
  2. The History of Sociology
  3. Theoretical Perspectives
  4. Why Study Sociology?

2              Sociological Research

  1. Approaches to Sociological Research
  2. Research Methods
  3. Ethical Concerns

3              Society and Social Interaction

  1. Types of Societies
  2. Theoretical Perspectives on Society
  3. Social Constructions of Reality

4              Culture

  1. A general view of Culture
  2. Elements of Culture
  3. Types of Culture
  4. Values and Belief
  5. Cultural Diversity
  6. Theoretical Analysis of Culture

5              Socialization         

  1. Social Experience
  2. Agents of Socialization
  3. Resocialization & Readjustment            

6              Social Organization and Social Interaction

  1. The Concept of Social Organization
  2. Social Groups
  3. Social Interaction and Relationship
  4. Social Institutions
  5. The Concept of Social Control

7              Social Processes

  1. The Concept of Social Process
  2. Modes of Social Processes
  3. Social Stratification
  4. Social Mobility
  5. Social Change

Course Material