This course is designed to enable students to:

  1. identify and discuss the role and importance of research in the social sciences.
  2. identify and discuss the issues and concepts salient to the research process.
  3. identify and discuss the complex issues inherent in selecting a research problem, selecting an appropriate research design, and implementing a research project.
  4. identify and discuss the concepts and procedures of sampling, data collection, analysis and reporting.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. explain key research concepts and issues
  2. read, comprehend, and explain research articles in their academic discipline.

The recommended books are :

1.Don E. Ethridge. Research Methodology in Applied Economics, 2nd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell

2. Neuman W.Lawerence,(1997) Social Research Methods, Qualitative and Quanatitative Approaches, Allyn And Bacon;Boston

3. Zikmund William, G.,(1994), Business Research Methods, The drydem Press

Prerequisites: NIL

Description of Evaluation Procedure: Mid-Term 30 Marks (Online, MCQs)   Final Term Exam: 25 Marks(Online MCQs)   Viva: 25 Marks    Sessional: 20 Marks

Key Dates: Commencement of Class: 12, October 2020        Mid Term Exam: December 14-18, 2020   Final Term Exam: February 8-12, 2021     Declaration of Result: February 19, 2021

Class Timing: 8:00-9:30 AM Monday & Tuesday (Regular)       1:00-2:30 PM Monday & Tuesday (SS)

Course Material