Aims and Objectives: 

This course has been designed to cater the needs of grammar of English language and its  usage by the students of undergraduate level. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with both written and spoken skills in usage of English grammar in the first semester of the studies so that the students become familiar with the expressions and language usage in a correct English language.


Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the course the students will be able:
1.  To display their communicative behavior through correct usage of English language in both spoken and written skills.

2. To enable themselves to reflect and improve their grip on rules and regulations of English as second language as University students. 

3. To build capacities for self-criticism and facilitate growth of correct usage and practice in academic and educational setup.

4. To lead towards effective performances in communication through written and spoken skills.

 Language, Grammar and written performances in correct English.
Tutor: Saqib Javed Awan
Program: BS statistics SS Semester I
Fall 2020
Credit Hours: 03
Class Days: 

Timings: monday and tuesday 4 to 5 pm

 Timings: wednesday
  3 to 4 pm
Assesment Criteria 
Mid Term : 30 Marks

Sessional marks
Assignment/Project : 10 Marks
Partcipation : 5 Marks
Presentation : 5 Marks

Final Term:    50 Marks 

Course Material

1.  Parts of Speech 
a.  Types and uses of nouns.
b.  Types and uses of pronouns.
c.  Types and uses of verbs.
 i. Finite verbs. ( action, modal, helping, transitive and intransitive)
ii.  Non finite verb. ( infinitives,  participles, and gerunds)
d. Types and uses of adverbs.
e. Types and uses of adjectives.
f. Types and uses of prepositions.
g. Types and uses of conjunctions.
h. Use of Article.

2.  Common grammatical errors and their corrections.
3. Sentence structure 
4.  Types and functions of sentences. 
5.  Types and functions of phrases
6. Types and functions of clauses.
7. Synthesis of sentences.
8. Conditional sentences 
9. Voice and change of voice.
10.  Direct and indirect narration 
11. Punctuation. 


Recommended Texts


1. Eastwood, J. (1999). A Basic English Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2. Swan, M. (2018). Practical English usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

3. Wren and Martin, High School English Gramar and Composition



  1. All quizzes, presentations and assignment are counted towards the final grading of students. NO MAKEUP QUIZZES WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON. If any student have an OFFICIAL excuse for missing a quiz, his or her quiz grade will be based on your Final Exam result.

2.  Cheating in quizzes, exams, or the final exam will result in the cancellation of quiz/ paper or final paper.

Course Material