This course is designed to introduce the significance of instrumentation and lab techniques for soil science students. The aim of this to teach the students how soil and plant samples are collected, processed, analyzed and interpreted. The principles and use of common lab equipments and analytical techniques for soil and plant analysis are discussed in detail. It provides information to the students about safety measures in lab, storage and disposal of chemicals. This course also delivers knowledge to the students about units of SI and derived units from SI that are using at national and international in research work. It also provides information about preparation of soil and plant samples for analysis. It is also helpful for understanding about instruments that are frequently used in research instruments of Pakistan. This course too gives information to the students about preparation standard solutions and their significance in research work during chemical analysis.

        After completion of this course, students should have a better understanding about laboratory equipments and analytical techniques used in soil and plant analysis.  Acquisition of high level knowhow for plant and soil analysis, and correctly interpreting results of soil and plant samples. Student of soil science will be able to discuss in detail about principles, and use of lab equipments and analytical techniques for soil and plant analysis. The students will be able to use lab instruments, and collect, handle, and analyze soil and plant samples. After lab exercise and field trips, student will be able for soil description, analysis, and assessment of soil quality. Ability to interact and integrate with specialists in different disciplines. Ability to highlight and support the importance of both studies on soil quality and land evaluation tools in any situation.

Course Material