Course Code: Ent-307

Course Title: Insect Pests of Household, Man, and Animals

Credit Hours:                                      3(2-1)

Instructor:                                            DR. MUHAMMAD ARSHAD

Email:                                                  [email protected]

Description and Objectives

This course is a graduate course for B.Sc. (Hons.) classes with major Entomology. This course aims to provide information so that the student should be able to identify, collect, and management of different insects of household, man, and animals.

The students will learn during this course:

  1. Identify key features in the life cycle, habitat, and biology of major household insect pests
  2. How insects affect man and animals, damage of major insect pests of household, man, and animals
  3. Managing insect pests in and around the homes

Course Contents


  1. Introduction to insect pests of household, man, and animals
  2. Identification,  biology, and  control  of  different  social insect  pests  like ants,  termites,  cockroaches
  3. Identification, biology, and  control silverfish, cricket, powder-post beetle, carpet beetle, cloth-moths, psocids, lice, bed-bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, house flies, wasps
  4. Identification,  biology, and  control of, stable flies, flesh flies, blow flies, tsetse flies, black flies, and midges


  1. Collection of insect pests of household, man, and animals
  2. Identification and demonstration, management of the different household, man and animal insect pests


  1. Agarual, S. 2009. Insect Pests of Cereals and their Management. Oxford Book Co. India
  2. Atwal, A.S. and Dhaliwal, 2005. Agricultural Pests of Southeast Asia and their Management. Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana.
  3. Bishopp, F. C. 1916. Fleas as Pests to Man and Animals, with Suggestions for Their Control. Harvard Uni Press, USA
  4. Edmen, H. F. 2013, Handbook of Agricultural Entomology published by John Wiley & Sons 312 pp.
  5. Fernald, H.T. 2008. Applied Entomology, An Introductory Textbook of Insects in their Relation to Man. Kessinger Publishing (Amazon).


Sessional + Assignments:                                           08

Mid Exam:                                                                   12

Final exam:                                                                  20

Practical:                                                                      20



80% class attendance

Class participation in presentations and discussions

Course Material