Course Title : Computer Application

Course Code : MT-113

Course Duration: 1 Semester

Credit Hours: 1

 Teacher:                                Engr, Anam Shahzadi
                                                Department of Mechanical Engineering 


Course Outline:

Basic Definitions & Concepts
Major Components of Computer, Parts of Computer, Input and Output
Devices, storage devices,
Computer Software’s, Operating Systems, Introduction Programming
Social Impact of Computer ages, Computers in Offices, Industry and
Purpose of Information System, Types of Information System, Office
Automation System and Tools, Other Systems
Word Processing, Spread Sheet, Preparing A PowerPoint
Editing And Formatting A PowerPoint Presentation
Adding Animation To Presentations
Computer Graphics and Design, Working with Images, Graphics
Current Trends and future prospects of Computer Science
The Internet & Online Resources, Internet Basics, Email,
Collaborative Computing and Social Networking.
Introduction to various operating system including windows, Linux
and android applications


Textbooks to be used for the course:


George Culp Instructional computing Fundamentals for IBM
Microprocessors Latest edition).
2. Harper & Stevart computer Education(Latest Edition).
3. Nashelskey Boylestad Basic applied circuit analysis (Latest
4. BASIC for Biginner (Indian print) (Latest Edition).
5. Basics of BASIC (Indian print) (Latest Edition).

Description of System of Evaluation (Exam, assignments etc)

1. Quiz-1:5%

2. Term Paper: 30%

3.Quiz-2 :5%

4. Assignment: 5%

5. Final Paper: 50%

6. Attendance: 5%

 Time of Class Meetings:





1:30 pm to 2:30 pm



Course Material