Course Title : Fluid Mechanics-II

Course Code : ME-226

Course Duration: 1 Semester

Credit Units: (3+1) 4 credit

 Teacher:                                Engr, Anam shahzadi
                                                Department of Mechanical Engineering 


Course Outline :

1. Differetial analysis of fluid flow

2. Potential flow theory

3. Flow over immersed bodies

4. Introduction to computational fluid dynamics

5. Compressible flows

6. Turbo Machinery

Course pre-requisites:

Following  topics are the pre-requiisites of Fluid Mechanics-II. The detail is given below

 viscous flow, boundary layer theory and their applications including fans, turbines and pumps. It also includes elementary topics of compressible flows useful for analysis of nozzles and compressible Turbomachinery. Keeping in view the modern trends in fluid dynamics, an introduction to numerical analysis and CFD is also included.

Course Learning outcomes:

S. No



Taxonomy Level



Apply governing equations to incompressible and compressible fluid flows.





Calculate fluid flow parameters for various geometries.





Analyze the performance of various fluid devices using scaling laws.




Textbooks to be used for the course:

1. B. R. Munson, A. P. Rothmayer, T. H. Okiishi, W. W. Huebsch, Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, J. Wiley & Sons.
2. P. J. Pritchard and J. W. Mitchell, Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, J. Wiley & Sons.
3. F. M. White, Fluid Mechanics. McGraw Hill.

Description of System of Evaluation (Exam, assignments etc)

1. Quiz-1:5%

2. Term Paper: 30%

3.Quiz-2 :5%

4. Assignment: 5%

5. Final Paper: 50%

6. Attendance: 5%

Weekly Plan:

Total weeks: 16                                                                                                             Total lectures: 32




Week 1

Lec 1:

Introduction and types of flow

Lec 2:

Motion of fluid particles + continuity of flow

Week 2

Lec 3:

Continuity equation in Cartesian coordinates and polar coordinates

Lec 4:

Circulation and vorticity + problems

Week 3

Lec 5:

Velocity potential and stream function + problems

Lec 6:

Drag and lift + problems

Week 4

Lec 7:

Air foil theory and boundary layer theory +problems

Lec 8:

Boundary layer thickness + problems

Week 5

Lec 9:

Vortex flow+ types of vortex flow+ problems

Lec 10:

Navier stroke equation + problems

Week 6

Lec 11:

Quiz 1

Lec 12:

Problems related to find out discharge using diff eq

Week 7

Lec 13:

Reynolds number +Hagen poiseuille law problems

Lec 14:

Flow b/w parallel plates when when plate is moving and one is at rest + problems

Week 8

Lec 15:

Flow b/w parallel plates when both plates are at rest+ problems

Lec 16:

Power absorbed by journal bearings + Quiz 2

Week 9

Lec 17:

Problems discussion

Lec 18;

Mid term(online) by assigning the topic to each student of class.

Week 10

Lec 19:

Impact of jet

Lec 20:

Problems of impact of jet

Week 11

Lec 21:

Hydraulic machines

Lec 22:

Problems of hydraulic machines

Week 12

Lec 23:

Centrifugal pumps

Lec 24:

Problems of centrifugal pumps

Week 13

Lec 25:

Reciprocating pump

Lec 26:

Reaction turbines

Week 14

Lec 27:

Problems of reaction turbines

Lec 28:

Impulse turbine

Week 15

Lec 29:


Lec 30:

Course over view

Week 16

Lec 31:

Course over view

Lec 32:

Final terms

Key dates and time of class meeting:

Semester Start: 13 January 2020

Semester End: 8 May 2020







11-2 Lab

9:30-11:00 Th

11:00-2:00 Lab

Course Material