1. Course Title: Introduction to Cataloguing

Course Code: INFM-6204

Instructor: TARIQ RASHEED             Credit Hours: 03

Email:[email protected]


  1. A basic core is being identified which is expected to develop essential competencies for any entry level professional in library and information sciences.
  2. An emphasis has been placed on the applied aspect of the library education. Assignments/projects and practice sessions have been introduced in all the courses where practical work is a requirement.


  1. To create an understanding among the students about information dynamics and its relativity with the body of knowledge.
  2. To inculcate skills among students for evaluation, interpretation and use of information and documents in various forms.
  3. To develop skills among students for the organization of information sources and documents.
  4. To make the students aware of the service philosophy of library and information organization and to develop relevant skills for design and delivery of appropriate information services.
  5.  To develop an understanding among students about the properties of literature in specialized domains and how these are reflected in management of different types of library and information agencies.
  6. To develop skills among students about the use of scientific methods of research and to promote problem oriented research related to library and information science in Pakistan.
  7. To develop understanding among the students about the application of information technology for efficient organization, storage and retrieval of information.
  8. To develop competencies among students for the management of libraries and information centers.




Course Schedule:


Topics and Readings


Introduction to Library Catalogue and Important Terms


History of Catalogue


Purpose, need, objectives and importance of Library Catalogue


Forms of Catalogue (Inner and Outer Forms)


Difference between catalogue and Classification, bibliography


Library Catalogue and the Five Laws of Library Science


Online Public Access Catalogue


Tools used for Cataloguing


Mid Term


Introduction to AACR2, MARC and RDA


Cataloguing(Descriptive, Subject, Shared and Centralized)


History and Development of Library Cataloguing Codes


Main and added entry catalogue cards, etc


Cooperative, Copy Cataloging and Subject Analysis


Application of computers in Cataloguing


Final Term



Research Projects: 

Students will be assigned topics in the class from the contents and will present their topics before the class.

Evaluation/ Assessment criteria:

Sessional:  20 Marks

Class Attendance: 5 Marks

Presentation/Assignment: 8 Marks

Class Participation/ Discussions:  2 Marks

Quizzes: 5 Marks

Mid Term: 30 Marks

Final exam: 50 Marks

Class Timings:

Regular Class:

Wednesday: 09:30 To 11:00 AM

Friday: 09:30 To 11:00 AM

Norms / Rules and Regulations

80% class attendance is necessary to enter in exams.

Students are highly encouraged to participate in class discussions, but, whenever practicing it, they would have to raise their hands and talk at their turn.

Students have right to contact teacher for any assistance in their studies either through email or personal meeting during prescribed consulting office hours.

Students are not allowed to use cell phones in class.

Course Material