EDU-607                                   Sociology of Education                                          3(3+0)


The course provides students with the sociological insight of education so that they may be able to correlate sociology and education. Core concepts, levels, educational institutions, theories, educational policies and reforms with reference to sociological aspect of education will be studied in this course. Relationship of education with socio-economic development will also be discussed so that role of education can be highlighted to reduce gap between institutions and society and demands for theory and practices may be fulfilled. The course highlights the role of education in the development of sociology. The basic objectives of the course are to discuss relation between school and community. It is base to understand and develop linkage among the school, community and teacher for effective education. It will enable students to identify the social factors affecting education and how these can support the development of education. It will highlight the role of teachers and school in socialization of students and development of society. 

Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the course, the students will be expected to:


  • Describe the basic concepts and approaches of sociology
  • Discuss the relationship between school and community
  • Know the process of linkage between the school community and teachers for effective education
  • Describe the way of placing students in small and large groups
  • Identify the social factors affecting education and how it can support the development of education
  • Know the role of teachers and school in the socialization of students and development of society
  • Contribute to community work, health promotion activities, and endorsement of healthy environment.
  • Explicate the technological change and its impact on society

Course Outline


  1. Introduction- Theory and approaches
  2. Society, Community, and Culture
    1. Definition
    2. Individual status and his/her role in the society
    3. societal interaction
    4. cultural diversity
    5. cultural and cultural elements of the Pakistani community
    6. role of education in strengthening Pakistan
  3. Group and Group Dynamics
    1. Meaning OF A Group
    2. Group dynamics
    3. Types of Social Groups
    4. Individual Behavior and group behavior
    5. Role of School teacher in molding individual and group behavior
  4.  Socialization
    1. Meaning and aims of socialization
    2. Agencies of socialization
    3. Stages of social development
    4. Role of school in socialization
    5. Teachers as role model, participating in community and health activities
  5. Social Institutions
    1. Definition
    2. Types of social institutions
    3. The family
    4. Economic institutions
    5. Religious institutions
    6. Educational institutions
    7. Play and recreational institutions
  6. School and Community
    1. Relationship between school and community
    2. Effects of school on community
    3. Effects of community on schools
    4. A critical analysis of the effective role of schools and teachers in the Pakistani community
  7. Social Control
    1. Definition
    2. Social deviation, peace, harmony, and tolerance
    3. Methods of social control
    4. Role of community, school, and teacher in peace development, harmony, and tolerance
  8.  Teacher, School, and Students
    1. Are teachers born or made
    2. Effective and reflective teaching
    3. creative and critical teaching
    4. teacher effectiveness
    5. Academic Learning Time(ALT)
    6. Classroom Management
    7. Co-Curricular activities
    8. Reflection or productive feedback
  9. Technological Change
    1. Technological change and its impact
    2. Sources/forces of technological change
    3. Technology and Jobs
    4. Technology and Ethical Values
    5. Utilitarian view of technology

Recommended Texts:


  1. Hallinian, M.T. (2016). Handbook of the Sociology of Education. New York: Springer
  2. Musgrave, P. W. (2017). The Sociology of Education. London: Routledge

Suggested Readings:

1. Ballantine, J. H., Hammack, F. M., & Stuber, J. (2017). The Sociology of Education: A

     Systematic Analysis. London: Routledge

2. Becker, R. (2019). Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education. Cheltenham, UK:

Edward Elgar Publishing

3. Chaudhry, M. I. (2014). A Textbook of General Sociology. Lahore: Aziz Publishers

Grading Policy 

Mid Term: 30%

Sessional: 20%

Final Term: 50%

Course Material