To acquaint the students with modern techniques of plant multiplication.
Introduction and importance; Basic terminology, application and constraints of plant tissue
culture; Nutritional components of culture media (nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, growth
regulators, amino acids and antibiotics), their types & functions; aseptic techniques; Initiation
and maintenance of cultures; Physical factors for growth; transplanting and acclimatization;
Preparation of synthetic seed; Concepts of plant biotechnology and its role in improvement of
horticultural crops.
Laboratory safety precautions, sanitation, equipment; Calculations (preparation of molar,
percent, normal, ppm etc solutions); Preparation of stock solutions & media, sterilization
techniques, inoculation and culture of explants, Acclimatization & transplanting.
Learning Outcomes:
Students must understand the basic tissue culture techniques for in vitro propagation of
horticultural crops.
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Course Material