The students will learn during the course:

  1. Introduction to Horticulture and its classification
  2. Basic concepts of plant morphology and plant environment

Plant Propagation techniques

Theory: Introduction, history, importance and future scope, Definition and divisions of horticulture, Classification of horticultural crops, Plant parts, their modifications and functions, Phases of plant growth, Plant environment; climate (temperature, light, humidity etc) and soil (structure, texture, fertility etc), Propagation of horticultural plants, Growth regulators and their uses in horticulture.

Practical: Visit of nurseries, commercial gardens and public parks. Identification and nomenclature of important fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants; Garden tools and their uses, Media preparation. Techniques of propagation


Books Horticulture by M.N Malik

Horticultural Science by Jules Janick, 4th Edition

Course Material