The primary focus of this course is to provide the understanding of the Muslim Culture and Civilization while studying the history of Islamic Empires in the world. It covers a vast span of time from pre Islamic era to introduction and spread of Islam in various parts of the world. In this course students will be acquainted with the history of establishment of distinct Muslim cultures in various regions and also the patterns of interaction and process of acculturation. It will also highlight the achievements of Islamic Civilization and becoming of Islam as a world civilization. 

Recommended Books

  1. Marshall G.S Hodgson. The Venture of Islam, 3vols. Chicago: The University of Chicago, 1974.
  2. Seyyed Hossein Nasr. Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization. San Francisco: Harper One, 2002.

Suggested Books

  1. Tara Chand. Influence of Islam on Indian Culture. Lahore: Book Traders, 1979.
  2. Karen Armstrong. Islam: A Short History. New York: The Modern Library, 2002.                                                                                                                         


    The Course will require participation of students in class discussions and in question answer sessions.

    Class Participation                   = 5 marks

    Assignment+ Presentation       = 15 marks

    Mid Term Examination            = 30 marks

    Final Examination                    =50 marks

Course Material