This course provides an overview of the field of cultural geography.  This area of study centers its attention on spatial variations among cultural groups and the special functioning of society, and the changing and multifaceted relationships between people and the environments in which they reside. Students will learn the basic geographical tools and concepts needed to understand the intricacy of spaces and areas and to appreciate the interconnections between their lives and those of people in different parts of the world.  The course provides knowledge of and about the creation of places and regions, an understanding of both the interdependence of places and regions in globalizing world, and the major changes that have taken place in global, regional, and local landscapes.

Course Start Date: October 12, 2020

Course End Date:   February 04, 2021

Assessment Criteria: Total Marks 100

Sessional: 20 [Assignments (05) Presentations (05) Quiz (05) Attendance (05)]

Mid Term (Term Paper): 30

Final exam: 50

Course Material