The subject starts with coverage of the full spectrum of modern power semiconductor devices, their characteristics, both static and switching. Modern power semiconductor devices e.g., diodes, thyristors, MOSFETS, and other insulated gate devices such as the IGBT, MCT and the FCT; Static and switching characteristics, gate drive and protection techniques; their drive circuit design and protection techniques including the snubber. Various topologies of power converter circuits are then treated, together with analysis of their operation, control characteristics, efficiency and other operational features. These include major areas of applications in AC-DC, DC-DC, and DC-AC power converter circuits. Analyses of input and output waveforms of these circuits so as to obtain their harmonic performance are also undertaken. A basic understanding of devices, circuit principles and implications in input/output waveform quality is stressed throughout the subject. Application considerations for remote and uninterruptible power supplies, and for computer systems, telecommunications, automobiles, traction and other industrial processes; Utility interaction, harmonic distortion, and power factor will also be included.

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